The vest, often overlooked in the realm of fashion, holds a unique charm and versatility that’s hard to match. At FLORENCEDFE, we recognize the importance of this underrated piece and curate an exquisite collection for our discerning clientele. Here are our top picks and why they deserve a spot in your wardrobe.

1. The Classic Denim Vest

Nothing screams effortless chic like a well-fitted denim vest. It’s a perfect transitional piece for those unpredictable weather days. Pair it with a floral dress for a boho look, or throw it over a white tee and you’re ready for a casual day out.

2. The Tailored Waistcoat

For those who love to add a touch of formality without going overboard, our tailored waistcoats are perfect. They elevate a simple shirt and trouser combination, making you boardroom-ready in no time.

3. The Bohemian Fringe Vest

Embrace your inner boho spirit with our fringe vests. They add movement, texture, and a free-spirited vibe to any ensemble.

Remember, the power of the vest lies in its adaptability. You can dress it up, dress it down, or use it as a statement piece. Explore the range at FLORENCEDFE and redefine your style quotient.